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QuoteFX for Buyers

QuoteFX from SupplyFrame equips OEMs and Contract Manufacturers with an array of web-based tools to get quotes back fast with all the information needed to choose the best suppliers. Never have progress stall - use the built-in communication tools to answer questions, resolve holdups and check progress instantly. Whether you're looking for actives, passives, or fab parts and deciding based on price, terms, delivery or PPV - QuoteFX gives you easy access to the information you need in any quoting situation.

Exhausted by endless quoting fire drills?
QuoteFX lets you upload BOMs and parts lists in a snap, automatically sort line items to the right vendors then immediately dispatch the requests electronically, even changes to RFQ line items are handled. No more distributing countless different emails and documents.

"QuoteFX sells itself. We just ran a big quote through the tool - it was approximately 4200 lines spread over 13 BOMs. Seven suppliers responded.......not one glitch, no errors, and this was not a small bid." - S.R., Material Manager, Syracuse, NY

Frustrated that you have to chase suppliers for RFQ Responses - and still don't get what you need?
The QuoteFX dashboard tells you right away if requests aren't being expedited and our built-in communication tools let you contact suppliers instantly to urge them along and answer questions. Once a supplier is done, all the responses are immediately compiled and presented to you for comparison. No more wondering.

"(QuoteFX) has had a huge impact on our business. Moving away from a manual spreadsheet environment meant getting rid of all the cutting and pasting. It used to take us 4 weeks to complete a turnkey quote. Just recently we quoted, purchased, and shipped a job in 3 weeks." - J.G. Director of Purchasing, Irvine, CA

Overwhelmed with a pressure-cooker-job to get things done, but never have time for the really important things?
QuoteFX analyzes and reports which vendors can give you best price, best terms or best delivery. Click a button and look across you RFQs for PPV and cost drivers. Search for suppliers that can deliver exactly what your RFQ needs. No more pain.

"We had an existing job that we were going to lose to an off-shore competitor because of cost. I loaded it up on QuoteFX and sent it out to my vendors. I was able to reduce the cost of my board from $86 to $71. I can't tell you how big that was for our company." - M.K. Buyer, Tempe, AZ

Wish you had a trustworthy assistant that could take care of those time-wasting, irritating tasks and give you some peace of mind?
QuoteFX handles spreadsheet for you - giving answers instead of just data. We distribute RFQs, BOMs, quotes and documents instead of that tired fax machine and full email box. And you're never on your own - we are here around the clock - one click away with our complimentary Five Star service.

"We have 20 new customers this year. I am a hero for bringing in QuoteFX. Our management thinks I'm a genius. They talk about it with our investors and at the board meetings. They thinks it's great. It's a big competitive differentiator for us." - G. R, Managing Director, Ft Collins, CO

Tired of I.T. coming up with their next great solution (that never delivers what you really need)?
QuoteFX is a web-based service that runs on any web browser - no propellerheads required. There is nothing to install, no long-term contracts, no politics to get it approved. You can do it. You can start using QuoteFX on your next RFQ with just a credit card. Try it - like hundreds of other companies, you will never go back.

"We are doing some overflow business for another CM. They had established costs that they passed through to us. I loaded the job up on QuoteFX and blew their pricing away." - N.T. Buyer, Raleigh, NC

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