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QuoteFX for Suppliers

QuoteFX from SupplyFrame equips Component Manufacturers and Distributors with solutions for increasing revenue by attracting new clients and bids while strengthening relationships with buyers.

Tired of not getting enough results from your sales and marketing efforts?
You can run your ads, send direct mails and leave messages all you want but nothing is going to happen. Buyers don't want to read the ads and answer sales calls. They are busy, and they search the web to find solutions. The perfect time to reach them is during their moment of truth, when they need to find a supplier for a part - that's the moment they search the SupplyFrame directory and submit an RFQ on-line. Get to the buyers, be part of the SupplyFrame network, win more business.

"QuoteFX helps us win more business, so in turn we've given our suppliers a lot more business. Everyone's margins are getting squeezed. That's business today. When we win more, our suppliers get more business." - D.S. Director of Sales, Vancouver Canada

Annoyed by constant revisions to quote requests?
We know you love working away on a quote when suddenly you receive a revision from the buyer. What changed? Who knows - you have to start at the top once again. Not with QuoteFX. Buyers can change their RFQs whenever they want, and we'll make sure you know exactly which line items have changed. No wasted time, no re-dos, no errors. Recommend QuoteFX to your customers. You'll be happy you did.

"Electronic sourcing is only getting bigger, but we found QuoteFX actually helps us manage margins. Beyond price, there are a number of attributes buyers trade off for every deal. QuoteFX lets our customers look at the whole picture and select our bid as the better overall solution." - J.C. President, Sunnyvale, CA

Frustrated by looking for ways to build a better relationship with buyers?
Buyers don't want to take your calls. They don't want you to visit. Sure you're nice - but they're too busy to breathe. Incumbent suppliers have the inside track - how do you win the mindshare of that new prospect? Simple - be found the way they want to find you, answer questions the way they want them answered. Be responsive, respect their time, be on-time. The QuoteFX solution has buyers on-line around the clock interacting with suppliers to get information and quotes. Those suppliers that help them find products and get through quotes are the ones that they remember. Get on-line, be helpful. build that relationship without taking up their precious time or yours.

"We recommend that our customers use QuoteFX because it lets us work quotes with them interactively on changes and alternatives. Our customers love the better service we can provide - and we protect our margins. The 'throw it over the wall' approach other buyers take doesn't give us this chance." - S.F. VP Inside Sales, Austin, TX

Exhausted by the back-and-forth with buyers to get answers regarding your quote?
Buyers don't have time to think so they dump everything on you. Bad part numbers, incomplete specs, wild quantities. They don't want to answer your questions because they don't want the extra work either. But QuoteFX makes it easy. Open a communications session right through to the desktop of the buyers - get quick answers without bothering them. They can attach all their supporting documents to the RFQ and you can attach yours back as part of the quote. Answer all of your questions with ease.

Will your I.T. department ever come up with the solution you really need?
Of course not - what do they know about quoting electronics? QuoteFX is a service on the Internet. For suppliers, there is no charge to be part of the on-line network or to respond to RFQs. No propellerheads are required to make it work - all you need is a web browser. You can do it. Try it. Like thousands of other suppliers, you will thank the buyers for using QuoteFX for their RFQs.

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