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SupplyFrame's interactive quoting solutions gives OEM and Contract Manufacturers complete control over their quoting processes.

Users can create unlimited requests for quotes, uploading parts lists easily and directly in SupplyFrame. Your invited electronic component distributor or manufacturer can easily respond to quotes, winning more business and identifying the best sources for components.

SupplyFrame's custom-built electronic components database enables the buyer to reduce their material costs, streamline the quoting process with no additional hiring, and bid jobs faster with less turnaround time.

"SupplyFrame's service has become the cornerstone of our Product Cost Engineering process. Our work with the team at SupplyFrame has helped us increase our quote throughput 60% without adding resources. Features such as risk management analysis and pricing management are clear differentiators, and our suppliers appreciate the standardized RFQ interface."
- D.M., Corporate Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Creation Technologies, Inc.
"SupplyFrame has provided a solution that helps ProWorks maximize our reach. We frequently pulse our suppliers for continual jobs to see where savings and product availability can be found. With QuoteFX, we're able to easily gather material quotes and identify the best among them. There is no faster way for us to keep on top of inventory and pricing from all of our suppliers and, in turn, increase our effectiveness."
- K.P., Vice President, Business Development, ProWorks, Inc.
"Signing up with SupplyFrame has been a terrific decision for us. We immediately found that QuoteFX allowed us to not only quote much faster but actually quote a greater number of suppliers per BOM. We've won deals with our ability to analyze more bids to find the most competitive pricing, all in a fraction of the time than we ever could using only spreadsheets. More quotes and better margins -- a win-win for us that grows our customer base."
- J.D., Director of Materials & Planning, Test Technology, Inc.
"(QuoteFX) has had a huge impact on our business. Moving away from a manual spreadsheet environment meant getting rid of all the cutting and pasting. It used to take us 4 weeks to complete a turnkey quote. Just recently we quoted, purchased, and shipped a job in 3 weeks."
- J.G., Director of Purchasing, Irvine, CA
"SupplyFrame sells itself. We just ran a big quote through the tool - it was approximately 4200 lines spread over 13 BOMs. Seven suppliers responded...not one glitch, no errors, and this was not a small bid."
- S.R., Material Manager, Syracuse, NY

SupplyFrame offers Electronic Component Distributors, Manufacturers, and Suppliers the ideal tools for responding to quote requests and making themselves known to new potential buyers.

By increasing awareness with this interactive online tool, these users can win more business. Quoting between the electronic component distributor and buyer is more rapid because RFQ spreadsheets are converted into a common format.

While suppliers are surrounded by many more business opportunities through this interactive tool, SupplyFrame makes it easy to respond to quotes without additional hiring. The SupplyFrame system brings in more buyers and allows them to interact easily with each electronic component distributor and manufacturer; a beneficial situation for all.

"QuoteFX helps us win more business, so in turn we've given our suppliers a lot more business. Everyone's margins are getting squeezed. That's business today. When we win more, our suppliers get more business."
- D.S. Director of Sales, Vancouver, BC
"Electronic sourcing is only getting bigger, but we found QuoteFX actually helps us manage margins. Beyond price, there are a number of attributes buyers trade off for every deal. QuoteFX lets our customers look at the whole picture and select our bid as the better overall solution."
- J.C. President, Sunnyvale, CA
"We recommend that our customers use QuoteFX because it lets us work quotes with them interactively on changes and alternatives. Our customers love the better service we can provide - and we protect our margins. The 'throw it over the wall' approach other buyers take doesn't give us this chance."
- S.F. VP Inside Sales, Austin, TX
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